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Viking Girl
Viking Girl

I spent a month in Iceland with a hope to gain an increased understanding of my own heritage, and of how the natural and cultural environments of Iceland have shaped my identity. I went with a project idea, to create a series of narrative drawings that will incorporate cultural and familial aspects of my Icelandic heritage. My plan for this residency was to connect with the culture and history of Iceland, about which I know only a little. I do recall, however, the Icelandic folklore stories that my paternal grandfather told me as a child. During the residency, I connected with a local genealogy organization, and came away with a very long list of relatives dating back to 800 AD. My time in the studio was spent creating a series of drawings, using my little girl character, this time as a Viking, in Icelandic settings. While travelling around Iceland, I was intrigued by the ways the natural environment has such an impact on the Icelandic people. In my drawings and prints I have tried to capture this idea while tying it to my family lineage as descendants of infamous Viking, Eric the Red.