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Animal DreamsAnimal Dreams - animation setIn the Forest with the MooseInstallation shot - Animal Dreams
Installation and Video Work
This is a collaborative installation and video piece I worked on with Joanne Gervais.
This collaboration led to a new installation of works based on our intersecting interest in childhood memories, and the desire to combine their different mediums as a means of further investigating the impact of childhood imagination. These works are a continuation of my Animal Dreams project, an allegory that tells a tale about the interaction of a little girl character with animals in forested habitat. She has come into their environment in a non-invasive way by wearing masks to hide her identity.

The elements that make up the animated narrative are hand drawn lithograph prints and photographs that are cut out, staged and brought to life through a combination of stop motion and digital media.

The animated short film is to be accompanied by scenes of the forest taken from the storyline that are created using a technique suggestive of paper toll, as well as printed photographs of the little girl character wearing a moose mask.

This amalgamation of materials and mediums in various forms is ideal in representing the dream-like and creative nature of our reminiscence.